My name is Isaac Lacey and I'm the founder of fitXplorer and a Certified Personal Trainer based in Brooklyn.

Fitness has always been my greatest passion. As a lifelong athlete, I grew up playing a variety of sports from a very young age. These experiences sparked my competitive nature and inspired me to constantly strive toward self-improvement. After college, I moved to New York to pursue a career as a professional model and became obsessed with learning as much as I could about diet and exercise to stay at the top of my game. As a graduate of Equinox Academy in New York, I sharpened my skills as a personal trainer and broadened my knowledge of the industry.

With a lifetime of experience dedicated to health & fitness, I am now excited to share what I learned over the years to help others achieve their own goals and improve their lifestyle along the way. I founded fitXplorer as a way to share my love for fitness and adventure with other on-the-go people who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of everything life throws our way. You can be healthy while still living your life to its fullest, and I'm here to help.

To stay active, I enjoy a mix of weightlifting, running and yoga but I am always seeking out new ways to challenge myself physically and improve my athletic performance. My love for travel and the outdoors takes me on trips all over the world to explore new places in search of adventure. As an avid cook, I am an advocate for plant-based nutrition and enjoy experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen in search of the best combination of nutrients and flavor. I hope you enjoy following along on my explorations.



The only way to achieve meaningful, long-lasting success is to prioritize your health and fitness and embrace it as a lifestyle. This begins with a long-term vision of your optimal body. The next steps involve making gradual changes to your lifestyle and proceeding towards your fitness goals. These incremental changes to your nutrition, exercise, and recovery will help form good habits that will stay with you throughout your lifetime. I am a firm believer that a diet focused on plant-based nutrition and an exercise program based on functional movements along with adequate recovery are keys to discovering your fitness potential.

Starting out on this journey can be overwhelming, but I'm here to help! With my straightforward approach, I can work with you to develop a plan and map out all the steps for you to achieve your fitness goals.

First move well, then move often.
— Gray Cook